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Learning Spanish

How's your Espanol?


Want to learn the lingo, each week we'll be including a few new phrases to help you and make your time in Spain, more enjoyable.

Here we go:



1.  English:  Good Morning / Good Day

     Espanol:  Buenos Dias

2. English:   Good Afternoon

    Espanol: Buenas Tardes

3. English:  Good Evening / Good Night

    Espanol: Buenas Noche

4. English: Breakfast

    Espanol: Desayuna

5. English: Lunch

    Espanol: Almuerzo/Almuerza

6. English: Dinner (Teatime for us northerners)


7. English: Goodbye      


8. English: See you soon

    Espanol: Hasta Luego

9. English: See you tomorrow    

    Espanol: Hasta Manana

10. English: See you Next week    

     Espanol: Hasta la Proximo Semana


1.  English: Monday

     Espanol: Lunes

2. English:   Tuesday

    Espanol: Martes

3. English:  Wednesday

    Espanol: Miercoles

4. English: Thursday

    Espanol: Jueves

5. English: Friday

    Espanol: Viernes

6. English: Saturday


7. English: Sunday    

    Espanol: Domingo

8. English: Winter


9. English: Spring

    Espanol: Primavera

10. English: Summer

    Espanol: Verano

11.  English: Autumn

     Espanol: Otono

12. English:   January

    Espanol: Enero

13. English:  February

    Espanol: Febrero

14. English: March

    Espanol: Marzo

15. English: April

    Espanol:  Abril

16. English: May

    Espanol: Mayo

17. English: June   


18. English: July


19. English: August

    Espanol: Agosto

20. English: September

    Espanol: Septiembre

21. English: October


22. English: November

    Espanol: Noviembre

23. English: December

    Espanol: Deciembre


1. English: I

    Espanol: Yo

2. English: Me

    Espanol: Yo

3. English: You (somebody you know)

    Espanol: Tu

4. English: You (somebody you don't know)

    Espanol: Usted

5. English: Your

    Espanol: Su

6. English: Us

    Espanol: Nosostras (feminine)

7. English: We

    Espanol: Nosostros (masculine)

8. English: I am

    Espanol: Yo soy

9. English:  We are

    Espanol: Nosostros Somos

10. English: You are (somebody you don't know)

    Espanol: Usted Esta

11. English: You are (somebody you do know)

    Espanol: Tu eres

12. English: They are

    Espanol: Ellos Son

13. English: They

    Espanol: Ellos

14. English: Them

    Espanol: Los

15. English: His / Her

    Espanol: Su

16. English: He

    Espanol: El

17. English: She

    Espanol: Ella


English: Can i have a beer
Espanol: Puedo tomar una cerveza
English: Can i have a glass of white wine
Espanol: Puedo tomar una copa de vino blanco
English: Can i have a glass of red wine
Espanol: Puedo tomar una copa de vino tinto
English: Can I have the menu
Espanol: Puedo tener el menu
English: Can we have the menu
Espanol: Podemos tener el menu
English: Do you have a babyseat/highchair
Espanol: Tienes una trona
English: What is the menu of the day
Espanol: Cual es el menu del dia
English: Can i have a knife and fork
Espanol: Puedo tener un cuchillo y un tenedor
English: Waiter / Waitress
Espanol: Camarero / Camarera
English: where is the bathroom
Espanol: Donde esta el bano/servicio OR aseo
English: Waiter, there's a fly in my soup
Espanol: Camarero, Hay una mosca en mi sopa
English: Is that a cockroach?
Espanol: es que una cucaracha
English: What's that smell?
Espanol: Que es ese olor
English: Can we have the bill please
Espanol: La cuenta por favor

a bit of fun phrase
English: Waiter,  I have no intention of talking to my partner during this meal, so can i get the wifi password please

Espanol: Camarero, No tengo ninguna intención de hablar con mi pareja durante esta comida, ¿puedo obtener la contraseña de la wifi por favor?



English:  Milk

Espanol: Leche

English:  Bread

Espanol: Pan / barra de pan (baguette) or Pan Bimbo (loaf of bread)

English:  Fruit

Espanol: Fruta

English:  Vegetables

Espanol: Verduras

English:  Toilet Paper

Espanol: Papel de bano

English:  Soap

Espanol: Jabon

English:  Toothpaste

Espanol: Pasta Dental

English:  Potatos/Chips

Espanol: Patatas/ Patata Fritas

English:  Washing Liquid

Espanol: Jabon de platos

English:  Biscuits

Espanol: Gallettas

English:  Tea

Espanol: Te

English:  Coffee

Espanol: Cafe

English:  Meat

Espanol: Carne

English:  Beef/Steak

Espanol: Ternera

English:  Chicken

Espanol: Pollo

English:  Pork

Espanol: Cerdo

English:  Lamb

Espanol: Cordero

English:  Turkey

Espanol: Pavo

English:  Ice Cream

Espanol: Helado

English:  Cereals

Espanol: Cereales






















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