Buy With Confidence With An API Registered Agent!

Finally, you can buy your new home in Spain with confidence With An API Registered Agent!

The Spanish government has finally passed a law which will come into effect from October 2023, that all real estate agents, Companies or Individuals (freelance agents) must be API certified (this is via proving you have the relevant university degrees and qualifications from Spain).

What is the API?

The API or Agente de La Propiedad Inmobiliaria, is the only official governing body in Spain, responsible for real estate, the API is an association that has been present for many years, but until recently it was never a legal requirement to become a qualified agent and join the association.

To become a member of the API,  Agents must prove or obtain the relevant degrees in real estate, and continue with ongoing training, experience and most importantly, adhere to an extensive ethical code.

RB Casas is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent – enrolled as part of  the new compulsory regulation obliging real estate agents to be registered in the Comunidad Valenciana.
All agents operating in the region are obliged to comply with the legal obligations, & be registered before August 2023.

Being legally registered in the Comunidad Valenciana, as well as being a member of the API gives maximum guarantees to our buyers and vendors about our operation and qualifications, so you can buy and sell your home in Spain with confidence with RB Casas.

Why is it important to you?

Whether you want to buy or sell in Spain, it's important to know that the company you are working with is qualified and legally allowed to operate, API Members follow a strict code of ethics to ensure that the service you receive is transparent and professional.


What Are Our obligations To You:

Being an API member means that we have to follow a very strict code of conduct, & always act in a transparent & professional manor, failure for RB Casas (or any agent) to abide by these new laws will result in losing our accreditations, & being forced to close, so we will always strive to provide you with the highest level of service possible, whether you're buying or selling!

Choosing the right real estate agent:

Which ever company you choose, ensure they are API registered, you can do this via the API website and searching their membership number, RB Casas membership number - apispa_00576

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