The 5 Biggest Mistakes Buyers Make In Spain

Buying a property in Spain is not like the UK, there are lots of red flags and scams to be wary of!

Here are the 5 Biggest mistakes & Red Flags to look out for when buying a property in Spain!


RB Casas have put together a straight to the point, no-nonsense guide on buying a property in Spain, which areas are good and bad, the red flags to look out for, & how to avoid making costly mistakes!



In our free No-nonsense guide to buying in Spain, we cover everything you need to know to make finding and buying your dream home Spain, easier and safer!

Below are the top 5 mistakes that buyers make:

  1. Contact multiple agents - Did you know in Spain estate agents work with each other!  We market market & sell each others properties. the biggest mistake most buyers make is actually contacting multiple estate agents.
  2. Using an estate agents “Inhouse-legal Team” -  Some agents opt to employ an in-house conveyancer, & tell you it’s cheaper to use their services, the problem for you is that the conveyancer is employed by the agents, they're acting on the best interest of their employers, and not yours! The best place to find reputable solicitors is via the UK Gov website - living in Spain section, here you'll find a list of British Consulate recommended Solicitors for every region in Spain.
  3. Use an estate agent who wants to charge YOU a fee - In Spain the seller pays the commission – NOT THE BUYER, there are a few companies who are charging both the seller and buyer and don't tell you that until you're ready to buy, they'll also pressure you to use their inhouse legal team “to save money” by giving them power of attorney, this is how they can scam you to also charge you more money!
  4. Paying a deposit to an agent  Never pay your deposit to the selling agent, always pay your deposit directly to your own solicitor, that way if you pull out becuase of structural issues or debts etc, then you won't risk losing your deposit.
  5. Properties Too Good To be True- There are lots of urbanisations and properties in Spain that are illegal or in high crime areas, properties in these locations are extremely cheap and agents will market them as a great investment, and pray on people not knowing the problems with the areas


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